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If you are looking to make your hotel profitable in the short term and you need the support of a leading brand and to obtain results quickly, the Sweet Hoteles hotel franchise is the solution you were looking for. We are icurrently n the news in many national newspapers as we have become a success story in a short time. Having a franchise behind you is an important support when starting any business, as it makes the start-up of the business much easier. Also, the first stages and the beginning of your new journey in the business world will be of better quality and generate better results.

Elige una franquicia hotelera de calidad para tu andadura en el mundo hotelero.

What happens to independent hoteliers who, apart from the overall problems of the sector, suffer from total dependence on intermediaries and tour operators in order to generate demand for their hotels, with the burden that this entails (20-25% of each sale)?

We will now analyse the alternatives in an effort to determine which one is most viable in the current environment:

  • Continue with business as usual, which is only sustainable in locations where demand has not suffered too much. A decision that is perhaps more sentimental than pragmatic.
  • Franchise with a hotel chain, with the resulting savings from having your own reservation centre, from economy of scale in terms of procurement, and from access to the franchise chain's loyal foreign customers. Fast, direct know-how and learning. Short-term profitability.
  • Seeking a hotel management chain while holding on to the property is the best option if it is clear you want to abandon management of the hotel and the mortgage conditions of the property do not allow it to be sold. Sweet Hoteles also offers solutions in this field, as we not only franchise, but also buy or rent.
  • We start from the premise that the life-long hotel owner still has the illusion of managing their hotel. Hotel management, however, has changed a lot in a very short space of time, and today one has to excel at online management, with all that entails.

Do you need help managing your hotel??

What are the differences between private management and management under the umbrella of a hotel franchise?

  • 1. The day-to-day running of the hotel remains the same, with the franchise logo appearing on the façade next to the usual hotel sign. In cases where the hotel owner does not want to be involved in the day-to-day running of the hotel, the franchise will help in the selection of a manager with experience in managing the chain's hotels..
  • 2. Direct contact with the franchise chain to analyse price strategies, market evolution, regular meetings with the chain's operations manager... in short, market inputs to optimise the sales strategy. In any case, it is the franchisee that defines and decides the hotel's pricing policy.
  • 3. Occupancy rates go up. By becoming part of the franchise's reservation centre, you gain access to a much larger segment of the market.
  • 4. The average price rises because the international or leisure customer who is not a regular in the city prefers, for a little more, a brand that gives them security during their stay. In addition to the Revenue Manager strategies that the chain applies, and has demonstrated with the rest of its hotels, the aim is to create synergies.
  • 5. Agency and tour operator commissions decrease, as does the weight of indirect sales (with intermediaries) in total sales. These savings comfortably cover franchise commissions (marketing, booking, branding, etc.).
  • 6. Franchising also offers economies of scale in terms of procurement, cleaning, maintenance, insurance, etc…
  • 7. The new franchisee takes advantage of the general agreements that the chain has in place, considerably reducing expenses in such important items as insurance, overall maintenance, cleaning, stationery, etc…

We carry out a full audit of your hotel

We analyse the current working methodology of the hotel and the operating costs of each department, providing quick solutions for the hotel at the structural and operational management level.

We assign someone to maintain direct contact

Price strategies and market evolution will be analysed via regular meetings with the chain's operations manager. As a result market inputs will be provided with the aim of optimising sales strategy and operating costs.

We design the hotel's corporate website

Our websites achieve an above-average direct booking conversion rate, with the result that agency and tour operators commissions decrease, as does the weight of indirect sales (via intermediaries) with respect to total sales.

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